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Auto Spareparts

Fuel The Automobile Boom – Explore The African Markets For Your Auto Spare Parts Company With Murex Capital International

The global boom in the automobile industry is hidden from no one. And the rising interest in smarter and greener cars is adding even more fuel to an already flourishing industry. But when you add the upcoming and rapidly urbanizing population from the continent of Africa and the immense wealth of untapped resources that these countries have to offer, these future of the industry looks to be exceptionally bright. With increasing demand, most vehicle manufacturers choose to outsource the production and management of spare parts. And that means your auto spare parts company has a lot to gain by exploring Africa as your next playing field. The economies here have what your business needs to achieve long term profitability. And Murex Capital International will help you access these resources and tools that Africa has to offer, thereby setting the stage for your success. Choose Murex and be the fuel behind the automobile boom.

Who are we?

Murex Capita International is a trading platform that offers auto spare parts manufacturers with the means to explore the African and Middle Eastern economies for business expansion and opportunity. Our platform brings together the very best names in the business, thereby creating a strong network of allies that will help you steer your business through the challenges that an international scale of operations can throw your way. From securing tie ups with the right clients to establishing your brand as a trustworthy name in the African markets, Murex can help you achieve it all. Your auto spare parts company can benefit greatly from our partner network.

Whom do we work with?

With auto spare parts manufacturers like the Gajra Group on our network, we have the best in the business helping you build a strong brand image in the burgeoning markets of Africa. Murex has selected the top names in the industry to work together with you and build a trading platform whereby you can market your products, win clients and manage business operations in the developing economies of the African continent. With a market as huge as this one to promote your products and a business climate as conducive as this to build your organization, nothing will be able to stop you on the road to success. Murex believes in creating an international frame of mind – one that allows our partner companies to invest in the development of the countries they are working in and aim to achieve long term and sustainable profitability in partnership with the locals. If you think you are an auto spare parts manufacturer who can carry this mantle and be a part of this elite club of global-scale businesses, Murex can help you get to where you want to be.

The way forward

Choosing Murex’s trading platform for promoting your business amidst the auto spare parts manufacturers in Africa and the Middle East is one of the best decisions you can make for securing a bright and promising future for your enterprise. Get in touch with our team today!

Gajra Group

Gajra group has an experience of over 75 years of operations and being one of the best in the industry. The Gajra Group made its beginnings in 1950 with the formation of Elve Corporation. Originally trading in diesel engines and spares it then moved on to making Gears in 1962 with the set up of Gajra Gears. After establishing a name in automotive gears the group further added to its capabilities by setting up Gajra Differential Gears in 1991.

With a modest beginning the group has over the years expanded its product range. The Gajra Group now offers transmission and differential gears, cutting tools and toolings (jigs, fixtures) that serve the purpose of manufacturing these gears, material handling pallets for the safe movement of these goods and machined castings and assemblies.

What drives this growth at Gajra is commitment to top quality by following good manufacturing practices and providing outstanding customer service.

Group Strength

  • Strong Brand Image
  • Latest Technology Machines
  • Strong Product Development & Reverse Engineering  Capabilities
  • 50% of Revenues from Exports
  • Over 25% annual growth in OEM business
  • In house cutting tool & fixture mfg.
  • Over 40 years experience in gear mfg.
  • Highly Skilled Manpower
  • Over 1000 products mfg.
  • Exports mainly in DIN 6-8
  • Continuous training & improvement
  • Supplier Upgradation – ISO-9000, Better Manufacturing Practices
  • Best Manufacturing Practices – Six Sigma, TPM, TQM

For more information about Gajra Group, please click here