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Automotive Supplies

Automotive Suppliers And Parts Distributors – Usher In The Next Era Of Development In Africa With Murex Capital International

The automobile industry is evolving at a rapid pace, standing at the cusp of the next technological leap that will lead the world into future of transportation engineering. However, keeping up with these changing industry dynamics is only one part of the challenge for a vehicles manufacturer. Ensuring buyer satisfaction through a range of additions and services is next step in ensuring that an automobiles brand leaves a positive impact in the market. In a large and developing economy such as Africa where more and more people are rapidly tasting the fruits of urbanization, the demand for better cars and other transportation machines is ever present and ever rising. And while bridging this gap between supply and demand might seem like a tall task, automobile suppliers who are rising to meet the challenge have the potential to be global leaders in the field. Murex Capital International and its trading network platform offers automotive parts distributors and manufacturers with a chance to tap into this underserved market and extract profitable opportunities that will help you build a better tomorrow – both for your business as well as for the market economies you are serving. Murex and its partner companies are all that you need to get your business organization to attain a global scale of operations.

Who are we?

Murex Capital International is a one-of-a-kind trading platform that partners with the best automotive suppliers, distributors, dealers and even manufacturers from all over the world and brings their collective business potential on to one stage. This immense collection of resources, business expertise, knowledge and networking connections is then made available to enterprises looking to explore new markets and transform their brands into global businesses. Africa and the Middle Eastern countries present an amazing opportunity to upcoming automotive parts distributors, manufacturers and service companies to provide excellent quality products to a relatively underserved market. Tapping into this high volume demand and sustaining the massive scale of globalized operations is a goal that Murex can help you achieve.

Whom do we work with?

Murex can handpicked a range of automotive companies from around the world to partner with for our platform. Organizations like JCBL – names that are leaders in the field of automobile, pharmaceutical, design, information technology and hand tools and auto parts manufacture, are now available to help and support you in your endeavors to become a global brand yourself. Our trading platform allows partner companies to use the collective resources of some of the best automotive manufacturers and suppliers from all around the world for the purpose of enhancing and expanding your share of the market. Murex is here to help you grow and ensure that you begin think and planning your business decisions on a global scale from this day forth.

The way forward

Becoming a renowned automotive manufacturing company in UAE or Africa is an objective that Murex can help you achieve. Get in touch with our team today and get ready to pave your way into the untapped market of the African continent.

JCBL is conglomerate with diverse interests in the field of automobile, pharmaceutical, design, information technology, hand tools & auto parts and international business. With many firsts, the group is a pioneer in the mobility solution space and has grown to become number one in mobility solutions across INDIA…

The core values and business fundamentals of JCBL defines their success in the market. Over the years, the axis of growth has been on accelerating innovation and in providing solutions to our customers, not mere products or service.

Riding on five keys to their business;

  1. Innovation
  2. Trust
  3. Reliability
  4. Quality
  5. Passion

The international face of JCBL Group, is synonymous with innovation, customization, customer satisfaction, reliability and integrity. It comprises of five divisions namely;

  • Automotive Products
  • Hand Tools and Fasteners
  • Vintage Car Restoration Parts
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Metals and Non-metals

JCBL has evolved as a trusted brand across the globe with their state of art manufacturing facilities taking care of your custom requirements. For trust, reliability, strength and widest range of built-in products, JCBL India is the solution.

MUREX takes pride in extending our networking platform to ensure the reach of JCBL is enlarged to reach to the most in demand markets of Africa.

For more information about JCBL Group, please click here