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Grow With Africa’s Consumers In The FMCG Sector – Explore The Commodity Supplier Niche With Murex Capital International

The African continent is said to be home to more than 1.1 billion people. And when a population size this massive begins to taste the fruits of urbanization, development and growth, the opportunities for business tend to expand exponentially. It is a known fact that the African population is relatively underserved in terms of access to FMCG goods and packaged food products. But this trend is changing faster than you can imagine and if your plans are to ride this wave of development and be a commodity trading firm in this continent, the time to act is now. This is where we come in! Murex Capital International is your best shot at making it big in the commodity exports market of Africa and the Middle East. Choose our trading platform to partner with the best in the business and begin your journey towards business success and profitability in the African land of opportunity.

Who are we?

Murex Capital International is the top name for you to trust if you are looking to partner with the best in the business to build your presence in Africa’s changing economic climate. Our company has worked very hard to find organizations that are experts in what they do and share our philosophy of creating a globalized mindset of doing business. And it is our endeavor to help you get in touch with these organizations, benefit from their knowledge and experience and build your own enterprise as one of the leading FMCG and commodity trading firms in Africa. Murex works with you on every step of the path that leads to profitability and success. Our trading platform is all you need to unlock the immense growth and development potential of the emerging African and Middle Eastern markets.

Whom do we work with?

Historically speaking, FMCG commodity suppliers work with ultra-low margins to keep their products affordable and maintain their mass appeal. This necessitates the existence of a big and burgeoning market that will allow commodity trading firms to enjoy the economies of volume and maintain profitability. It is a tight rope that an organization has to walk on if they are to make it big in the tricky world of FMCG business. And if you are an upcoming brand in the industry, you will need the very best experts on your side to help steer your organization in the right direction. Thankfully, Murex has all the right partners on our portfolio to help guide you to success. One of the biggest names from the FMCG sector on our platform is Paramount Fine Foods – one of the fastest growing enterprises of its kind in the American continent. These and many more top notch organizations have been brought together on a comprehensive trading platform by Murex. Partner with these brands, learn from their experience and get ready to take your African commodity exports business to the top!

The way forward

Murex Capital International is here to be your friend and partner in your endeavor to make it big as a commodity supplier in the emerging African economy. Enjoy the benefits of our organizational network and get ready to enjoy the sweet taste of success that comes from following a globalized way of doing business. Get in touch with our experts today with your business plan.

Our partner is a world leader entrepreneur in the field of food supply with a keen interest to operate in West Africa.

Paramount Fine Foods began as one Middle Eastern Restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario and is now the fastest growing Middle Eastern Food chain in Canada with over 60 restaurants to be open by the end of the year. We flew in renowned international chefs to share the most authentic Lebanese recipes using the freshest and finest ingredients which have been passed down for generations to enjoy.

With the aroma of freshly baked breads in our wood-burning ovens, charcoal BBQ meats and handmade sweets, Paramount Fine Foods provides guests a culinary experience that will not be forgotten.

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