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Cosmetics and Skin Care

Expand Your Cosmetics Manufacturer Business – Be A Part Of Africa’s Beauty And Skin Care Market With Murex Capital International

Cosmetics manufacturers in UAE and Africa are standing at the cusp of a big market boom. The expanding middle class and a rapidly urbanizing population of the continent is quickly becoming more aware and more capable of spending on personal care and beauty products. The market is relatively underserved and is expected to grow at a staggering rate of 8-10% in the coming year. And this is a trend that isn’t fizzling out any time soon, as more and more people in these up and coming economies and exploring the perks of personal care. With the growing global interest in this market niche, cosmetic manufacturers and supply enterprises have a world of opportunity to tap into. And Murex Capital International is here with all the right tools and connections that you can ever need to become an impactful member of this elite club of cosmetics manufacturers in UAE and Africa. Explore the immense growth potential offered by these emerging economies and expand your business on the global scale with Murex’s trading platform. Become our partner company today and ride this wave of growth and development in the African continent to sure-shot business success!

Who are we?

Murex Capital International is a global trading platform that offers access to the wealth of knowledge and experience brought in by established industry names that are amongst the best in their business. Our platform allows partner companies to network and interact with one another and develop a globalized approach of doing business with long term profitability as the ultimate goal. Our company recognizes the immense growth potential and market proportions of emerging economies such as the African countries and the Middle East and wishes to serve these populations with high end products and services through our partner channels. We offer a highly beneficial opportunity to businesses looking to expand their operations in these frontier lands and establish themselves as global brands in their business niche.

Whom do we work with?

Wholesale cosmetics suppliers and skincare product manufacturers have much to gain by exploring the African markets for the purpose of business expansion and operational growth. Not only do these countries offer vast resources for setting up cosmetic manufacturing companies but also, the people living in these lands have been relatively underserved by the current brands in the global wholesale cosmetics suppliers industry. Murex offers a chance to new businesses in the region to benefit from our trading platform and partner network by providing them access to our immense pool of knowledge, market expertise, global presence and promotional tools to establish their brand presence in the market. Our partner cosmetics manufacturing companies include Clarion, a leading name in skin Care, Baby Care, Nail Products and Guest Toiletries. These and many other cosmetic suppliers can become accessible to you for enhancing sales opportunities for your business in African territories.

The way forward

Choosing to be associated with Murex for your cosmetics supplier enterprise is the right way to go. Our trading platform can help you explore new avenues for your business and unlock its true potential for becoming a global brand in its niche. Get in touch with our team today!

A leading manufacturer of cosmetics in India supplying to customers all over the world, Clarion has an annual turnover of US$ 60 million. The Clarion Group has seen a rapid growth path since its inception in 1993, delivering an expanding range of cosmetic products using state of the art production facilities.

Besides, Clarion’s strategic diversification into the tin containers manufacturing industry has helped widen the portfolio of products.

Clarion has always been a leader in not only quality but in providing great operational value to its business by ensuring the customer is always satisfied and is inclined to build a long-term relation… With its wide range of products, Clarion is clearly a leader in Skin Care, Baby Care, Nail Products and Guest Toiletries.

Murex is proud to be associated with Clarion as a channel partner enhancing sales opportunities in African territory.

For more information about Clarion India, please click here