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Disposable Hygiene

The Rising Tide Of Healthcare In African Economies – Capitalize The Opportunity For Your Sanitary Napkin And Diaper Manufacturer Enterprise With Murex Capital International

One of the biggest indicators of economic development in a country is the state of its healthcare system. As populations begin to enjoy better standards of living and higher expendable incomes, they wish to gain access to more facilities and improved healthcare. The personal hygiene products market is another niche that experiences a rapid boom as economies begin to perform better. In places like Africa and the Middle East where access to such products was hitherto difficult, diaper suppliers and sanitary napkin manufacturers will find a world of opportunity for growth and profitability as the population of the continent becomes more modern and urbanized. If you own such an enterprise and would like to explore the growth potential of the African market for your business, Murex Capital International can help you partner with all the right agencies to get your venture to take off. With opportunity knocking at your door, all you need is Murex’s network resources and an international business mindset to make your mark in the diaper supplier and personal hygiene products manufacturing niche in Africa.

Who we are?

Murex Capital International is a leading trading platform which professional agencies and global business houses working together towards one goal – tapping into the immense growth potential and business opportunity being presented by the upcoming African economies. We strive hard towards handpicking the right partners in the endeavor – companies that possess the same international mindset of working and an inclination towards making long term investments in underserved economies to usher in a new era of development and urbanization. By creating this strong network of expert players from various niches, Murex is now at a stage where we can help you as an enterprise, to make it big in one of the last frontiers for economic development in the world – the African continent. Partner with us to unlock this door to success.

Whom do we work with?

The road to becoming a successful sanitary napkins manufacturer, baby diaper manufacturer or adult diaper supplier in an emerging economy such as Africa or the Middle East happens to be quite challenging. With infrastructure and logistical supply chains still in their developmental stages and technical knowhow scarce, an enterprise in this niche will have to literally begin building their organizational presence from the ground up. The knowledge, experience and networking connections required to pull off such a task is monumental. Thankfully, Murex and its platform offers enterprises with access to the top diaper manufacturers and diaper suppliers who can help you understand the local business climate and legal frameworks and drive your investment towards profitability faster. Our partner companies include Euro India, a disposable hygiene giant that has identified Africa as one of its key focus areas. You too can become a partner and enjoy the benefits of working with the best in the niche to promote your brand as a leading disposable hygiene and adult diaper manufacturer in Africa.

The way forward

Choosing to work with Murex Capital International is the right choice. Our platform offers all the right tools and connections you can need to establish your name in the untapped African market as a reliable name for disposable hygiene products. Get in touch with our team today!

Euro India

Euro India is a key player in the industry of disposable hygiene manufacturing high quality products ranging from Baby Diapers to Under Sheets and are currently operating a manufacturing unit in India with highest standard of cleanliness and stringent procedures making them leaders in the disposable hygiene market…

 Euro India operates under three different brands namely;

Euro India operates under three different brands namely;

  • Euro
  • Anmol
  • Kia

The range of products include;

  • Baby Diapers
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Adult Diapers
  • Under Sheets

African region is a key territory for them and Murex is pleased to promote and market their products in region of expertise. MUREX aims to grow the industry segmentation by approaching healthcare and retail outlets by increasing its reach to the consumer.

We are customer centric and the soul of business rests in servicing the customer with the best.

For more information about Euro India, please click here