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Disposable Hygiene

Euro India

Euro India is a key player in the industry of disposable hygiene manufacturing high quality products ranging from Baby Diapers to Under Sheets and are currently operating a manufacturing unit in India with highest standard of cleanliness and stringent procedures making them leaders in the disposable hygiene market…


 Euro India operates under three different brands namely;

Euro India operates under three different brands namely;

  • Euro
  • Anmol
  • Kia

The range of products include;

  • Baby Diapers
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Adult Diapers
  • Under Sheets

African region is a key territory for them and Murex is pleased to promote and market their products in region of expertise. MUREX aims to grow the industry segmentation by approaching healthcare and retail outlets by increasing its reach to the consumer.

We are customer centric and the soul of business rests in servicing the customer with the best.

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