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Explore the Exciting Prospects of Healthy Food Franchise Services in Africa with Murex Capital

The growing middle class in Africa is demanding better quality nutrition, care and consumable products to maintain their lifestyle and interests. This expanding class of people has bigger spending capacities than before and better avenues to spend their money on as well. With every aspect of the market in these countries experiencing a developmental boom, niches like healthy food franchise, retail franchise supermarket franchise and so on are on the rise.

If you are a healthy food retail agency looking to explore these new and underserved markets for your business, Murex Capital International can equip you with all the right tools and know-how to make it all possible.

With our extensive array of partner retailers and our overall understanding of the emerging African economies and market sensibilities, we can help you develop your retail franchise supermarket franchise as a true blue global player while generating a positive impact on the community you will be serving through your operations. That’s right – Murex Capital International has what it takes to help you make it BIG in Africa.

Who Are We?

Murex Capital is a pioneering trading platform that partners with global logistics chains, retail brands, supply management agencies, supermarket franchise and healthy food franchises from around the world.

Our platform seeks to bring together the expertise, market knowledge and business understanding of these entities on to one stage where you can access them all to develop your own enterprise and explore Africa’s markets for the same.

Our company believes in creating a global working mindset wherein partner companies become long term members of the industry they are working in and we enable them to convert these investments in Africa into profitable ventures. Ours is a name you can trust if you wish to serve the population of Africa and the Middle Eastern countries with your retail franchise supermarket franchise services.

Whom Do We Work With?

In the many years since we have been in business, our company has established ties with some of the leading names in the world of healthy consumables, retail supermarket chains and healthy food franchise. With names like Mother’s Kitchen, a leading healthy food franchise that provide everyone with the premium quality products which assists in boosting your immune system in the most natural manner possible, on our portfolio, we offer real and tangible support to our associated partners for their forays into the untapped market of the African continent.

Mother’s Kitchen started because of Ms. Shivani Malik, a Mother having a strong determination to offer everyone with the best quality of consumables, since she herself has gone through all the hardships for her daughter lnayat’s well being.

We healthy food franchise and retail franchise supermarket franchise owners to decode the challenges posed by these growing economies and allow you to enhance your share of the market pie by promoting your brand and its products/services through our network of associates. You can make the most of our networking capabilities and overall market presence to build a solid foundation for your food retail franchise business in new and emerging economies such as the African countries. The possibilities here are limitless!

The Way Forward

Murex Capital International is here to be a part of your healthy food franchise business’s journey towards global success and long term prosperity of your retail franchise supermarket franchise business enterprise. Partner with us to explore the uncharted markets and growth avenues offered by the African economies. Get in touch with our team today!

“Mother’s Kitchen is in existence because of a Mother’s desire to provide everyone with the best quality of consumables.
Ms. Shivani Malik a mother herself has gone through all the hardships for her daughter lnayat’s well being. It is because of her intense research that Mother’s Kitchen is now capable enough to provide everyone with premium quality products that helps boost your immune system in the most natural way possible.”


Mother’s Kitchen has been built with a dream to guide every mother in providing her baby with the best nutrition. Mother’s Kitchen is the best grain combination for your child, and it is our mission to help your child grow into a healthy, confident and talented person


“A Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Working on this philosophy, we wish to become every Mother’s friend in her Kitchen, without compromising on her family economy. Mother’s Kitchen solves your health worries by addressing the root concern.


It is our promise to every mother to bring her the best of the world for her child and ensure a worry free upbringing of her child. From keeping intact the nutritional value to packaging and delivery, we will continue to deliver satisfaction through our products

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