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Security and Smart solutions

Safeguarding Africa’s Growth And Prosperity – Develop Smart Security Solutions With The Expert Tech Partners Here At Murex Capital International

The growth and development potential of the 50+ African countries isn’t hidden from the world anymore. Over 1 billion people of the continent are now moving towards better standards of living and modern amenities, with urbanization taking over almost all major cities across different countries in Africa. And improved residential and commercial accommodation along with a burgeoning business and industrial sector necessitates smart security solutions that can keep up with the threats generating from the rest of the world. With the digital market becoming more and more prominent and cybercrimes emerging as a very real challenge for the modern enterprises in Africa, reliable providers of RFID solutions, AV solutions, web based protection for digital assets and the like are the need of the hour. And Murex Capital International can help you reach these clients and explore the untapped African markets for your business.

Who are we?

Murex Capital International offers a trading platform wherein you can partner with powerhouse AV suppliers, IOT providers, RFID solutions providers and various other smart security system companies who work on global scales to get your product and service out into the African markets. We believe in profitable partnerships and are committed towards helping our network companies in capitalizing on the many amazing business opportunities that Africa and the Middle Eastern markets have to offer. With our partner companies, you get access to the collective expertise, knowledge, experience, resources and network of established RFID suppliers and other smart security solutions companies, allowing you to develop the international working mindset we believe is the key to success.

Whom do we work with?

Developing a solid business presence in a relatively new and upcoming market space isn’t an easy affair. Not only will you need to work on building strong local relationships but will also require an in-depth understanding of the country’s business environment, legal climate and overall rules and regulations applicable to your niche. These challenges become even tougher when your enterprise works in the smart security niche like an RFID solutions provider. The industry is extremely dynamic with global ramifications. Murex Capital International has handpicked an array of IOT providers, AV suppliers, RFID suppliers and web security expert firms that can provide you all the network support, logistics help and local connections necessary to develop your business as an international agency and create a fresh presence in the underserved African markets. Our partners include Direct Source, an international consulting service that serves the media, information and communication technology niches. Murex’s trading platform and network companies can provide you with all the tools you may need to make your investment in the African markets profitable.

The way forward

Smart entrepreneurs looking to explore new and exciting avenues for smart security solutions or businesses will find Murex and its network resource capabilities to be extremely beneficial. Our focus on building a lasting market presence in Africa and our efforts to develop the international presence of partner companies is all you need to achieve the business success you were hoping for. Get in touch with our team today!

Murex Capital is a strategic partner with DIRECT SOURCE.

DIRECT SOURCE is in the business of Design, Development and Sales of equipment for media, information and communication technology as well as of integrate systems. DIRECT SOURCE also provides consulting services in the area of media, information and communication technology.

In detail the business comprises:

  • The design, engineering, providing, implementation, installation, configuration and programming of highly professional, state-of-the-art Audio Visual & Communication solutions from the simplest to the most complex installations.
  • The offering of all traditional audiovisual and video equipment, including portable computer projectors and accessories, as well as cutting-edge presentation technology, such as video conferencing, video walls and command and control systems.
  • The development of AV systems for residential and commercial property. Cutting edge home automation systems, including web-enabled, touch panel, lighting, HVAC and blind and curtain controls, security, remote monitoring, integrated AV distribution and control, structured wiring and cabling, multi-room audio and home theater.

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